Couples Therapy / Relationship Coaching

Like the majority of couples, people come into marriage completely unprepared for how to navigate their relationship. Yes, you love each other, but you keep getting stuck and fall into the same habitual patterns, over and over again, often, simply because of a lack of the right skills and attitudes. Most often, when we struggle in our relationships, and don’t know what to do, we usually keep it to ourselves and hope it will improve on its own.

In addition to attraction, friendship, selfawareness, emotional fitness, relationship skills and effective communication are essential ingredients for a lasting, loving marriage to avoid the unnecessary drama that puts relationships at risk.

All marriages go through predictable phases. According to marriage researcher and therapist John Gottman, couples wait an average of six years before they reach out for help, and the highest rate of divorce is year three. Couples believe that they should be able to “figure it out”, or that by ignoring their problems, they will just go away. What actually happens is that the little issues get bigger and harder to sort out, and both partners suffer unnecessarily.

No matter how big or small, the smart thing to do is be proactive and get the support you need, as soon as possible. I have helped couples with failing marriages get back on track after they’d given up hope, and those with good marriages take their happiness to the next level. You might be surprised at just how happy and healthy your marriage can be!

Ask yourself:
Would you commit to making your relationship a healthy and lasting one?
Would you commit to supporting growth and evolution within your relationship?
Would you explore and learn how to improve your relationship?
Accept support and guidance to empower and strengthen your relationship?

During our Couples Therapy sessions, these are some of the topics we will discuss:

Couples Coaching; Build a lasting healthy relationship:

  • Vision and goal setting for the relationship
  • Build a foundation
  • Learn your partners love language
  • Explore your relationship with love and understanding
  • Learn to express yourself and communicate with eachother
    in a healthy manor
  • Taking the next step: living together
  • Effective conflict resolution

Marriage Coaching; Enrich your marriage:

  • Strengthen your marriage
  • Learn your partners love language
  • Set goals to aspire together
  • Learn communication skills
  • Take action toward your vision
  • Cocreate a powerful and loving marriage
  • Rekindling romance, fun and mutually satisfying intimacy

Family Coaching; Nurturing family:

  • Bonding with family members
  • Parent-Child relationships / Step-parent / Step-child relationships
  • Understanding the evolution of family of origin
  • Exploring and accepting the role you play in blended family dynamics
  • Setting family ground rules

Self-love Coaching; Creating a relationship with yourself:

  • Living consciously – Being aware of the power of your own thoughts and how your behavior affects yourself and others.
  • Self-ResponsibilityAccepting accountability for all that you do, even when that realization is painful
  • Self-Assertiveness – Knowing your needs and being able to express them clearly, directly, and calmly to others.
  • Living Purposefully – Feeling that what you do is worthwhile and has meaning for you.
  • Personal Integrity – Knowing your values and always aiming to live according to it.
  • Self-Acceptance – Knowing that you are bound to experience errors and setbacks along with your successes and leaps forward.

Sessions are 1.5 hours in length. They can take place in-person, via skype or telephone. I suggest a minimum of 10-15 couples sessions in order for the couple to see change and succeed in their relationship. Longer sessions can be arranged too, by special request.

I also conduct a few sessions with the partners individually in between couples therapy in order to determine individual needs, wants and frustrations in the relationship.

To find out more about couples coaching and receive a Couples Relationship Assessment form, please contact me.

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