Life Coaching

Coaching is a true partnership between a coach and a client designed to assist with discovering and achieving goals in all areas of the client’s life.

As a professional & certified Life Coach, I can help to provide clarity, accountability and inspiration so clients can successfully accelerate achievement of their personal and professional goals.

COACHING for INDIVIDUALS is designed to help you:

  • achieve your personal and professional goals
  • discover and live your personal dreams
  • manage life transitions
  • improve your communication with others
  • increase your efficiency and productivity
  • create solutions to unique challenges facing you

Common coaching areas for individuals include:

  • Defining Life Purpose
  • Health & Wellness
  • Time Management
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Career Fulfillment
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Divorce
  • Retirement

Professional Coaches are trained to listen, observe and customize their approach to meet the individual needs of each client. Great coaches seek to elicit solutions and strategies directly from their clients while providing support to enhance their client’s existing skills, resources and creativity. This powerful partnership creates a space where clients can accomplish their goals and live their dreams to their fullest potential.

Coaching relationships may last anywhere from several months to many years. In most circumstances, clients see immediate forward action toward reaching their goals. Immediate results create positive momentum, and often clients expand their horizons and begin identifying and reaching for achievements they could not imagine possible. Ultimately, clients with a desire to succeed and a commitment to the coaching process can find themselves turning personal and professional dreams into reality.

A typical coaching session will include the following:

1. Accountability: review of your progress on goals set during previous coaching session
2. Agenda Setting: defining your “topic”
3. Coaching
4. Action Steps: agreement on what action is needed to forward your progress
5. Wrap Up & Homework

If you are considering working with a Coach or Therapist, please feel free to contact me.

Free Initial Consultation: I would love to talk with you, get a sense of what you want to achieve through our work together, give you an experience of how it works, and answer any questions you might have. Then you can decide if this approach is right for you. Free Initial 20 minute phone consultation.