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Motivations for Change: Beating the Winter Blues – Part 2

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6. Find joy in little things
This can be hard, especially when nothing seems pleasurable anymore. And, it’s important to push yourself to be joyful. Look for joy in small things, such as a robin in a tree, a dog wagging its tail, a baby laughing, enjoying a good book or a good movie, or appreciating a phone call from someone special. When we look for joy in small things, and make this a daily practice, we start to see more joy and our mindset changes and we notice the good, not just the bad.

7. Set a goal
This is when you start to strike gold! Goal setting is an amazing tool for beating the blues, because it gives our mind something positive to focus on, and, to look forward to, to reach for, if you like. Is there something you have always wanted to do, to make, to start – well, now is the time to start that singing class, knit that scarf, join that French class. It’s true that you may not be ready just yet, but set a goal of when you will start. Research when classes begin, where they are, how often and sign up. is a great resource for local events and activities in your area.

8. Engage in some form of spirituality
This means anything and everything from going to a place of worship, to reading an uplifting book, to saying some meaningful prayers, to listening to spiritual music or songs, to writing love letters to yourself. Spirituality comes in many shapes and forms – don’t let yourself be limited by what you think it is. Walking mindfully is spirituality. Spirituality literally means getting in touch with Spirit – the spark within yourself.


9. Practice positive affirmations
I love affirmations! They have such power in them and if practiced repeatedly, can rewire the conscious mind into a completely new way of thinking. Make a list of all the things in your life that you have done and been good at in the past. List out your accomplishments, your achievements and take stock of your life. Remember, people who you have interacted with and helped them feel special about themselves, it can be a child, a colleague, an employee, a spouse, a stranger, anyone at all. Make a list of all of these people. Push yourself to remember everything good and positive that has happened in your life. Then, create a list of 8-10 positive affirmations that you want to remind yourself about who you are, when you hit the blues.

Here are some examples to help you out:

  • I am a helpful friend in times of need
  • I am loving and kind
  • I am strong
  • Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time
  • I love myself at all times
  • Life can be challenging and I am learning how to handle it
  • I look for and enjoy simple pleasures

10. Reach out for help
When things feel really bad, don’t hide, but reach out. Help is all around us and in many forms, if we just look for it. Self-help books, online utube videos, good friends can all help us see things from a different perspective. If you want to talk to someone neutral, try a therapist who practices Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), as this is a very effective and solutions oriented method to change your thoughts and your mindset. Anyone can benefit from help, at any age and stage in life. Don’t let your fears or your self-judgements take over – you yourself deserve the best that life offers.

With peace and love on your journey to self.