Cancer Coaching
For Cancer patients, survivors, family members & caregivers.

Finding out you have cancer, or knowing you or someone you love is at risk for cancer, can be a very frightening & emotional time. It can be lonely and isolating, living in fear and learning how to deal with the reality.

Cancer Coaching helps you deal with the hard questions and the reality of cancer and how it affects your life. I will help you become stronger and make you aware of your thoughts, your choices and your voice.

It is a place to vent and grieve and heal all at the same time. It is a place to deal with all your emotions – from anger to sadness to joy to denial, and recognize that all of these emotions exist and how talking about them will help you deal and heal.

As a caregiver or family member, the coaching will provide necessary support for you as you support another in their time of need. Too often, we can compromise ourselves and our emotions and never work through our own feelings, as we don’t feel we have a right to complain or ever feel bad.

For a survivor, life may be difficult to return to normal, and perhaps, a new definition of life or normal is required. Or perhaps, the cancer was seen as an ‘episode’ and was dealt with and battled against, and life resumes with the same busyness as before, without really working through the emotional impact and residual effect on the mind and body.

Cancer has affected all of us in some way or another. Through Cancer Coaching, we can develop a better awareness and support for ourselves and others.

​ If you are interested in a more in-depth approach to working with cancer and to finding out about the close link with the mind-body connection, download the flyer below.

If you are considering working with a Coach or Therapist, please feel free to contact me.

Free Initial Consultation: I would love to talk with you, get a sense of what you want to achieve through our work together, give you an experience of how it works, and answer any questions you might have. Then you can decide if this approach is right for you. Free Initial 20 minute phone consultation.