Career Coaching
Career Choice and Career Transitions

Feeling like you are in the right career is so important. Feeling fulfilled, satisfied and needed are all important aspects of being in a successful career. However, sometimes, we can feel stuck, and even though we don’t have the words to describe it, you know you are in the wrong place.

We all face difficult career choices along our way – anything from choosing a university major, to aiming for a promotion, or to switching careers altogether and/or perhaps starting a venture of our own. These decisions can be hard to make alone.

As your Career Coach, I help you to define your true life’s work by working with your passions, your life purpose statement, values and beliefs, your strengths and your weaknesses, by refining your resume, adding any necessary additional skills, and helping you to set goals and objectives with the minimal amount of stress and time it may take for you to discover this alone.

There is no onesizefitsall to determine your career future. That’s why I customize each coaching programme to suit the individual’s needs and situation. With every client, I use multifaceted assessment tools designed to reveal your motivations, talents and natural abilities and bring your best career options into focus. In this way, together we create a plan to guide you, stepbystep, towards achieving your very own career success.

In Career Coaching, each of the following aspects is woven into the customized coaching work with clients:

  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Career Fulfillment
  • Achieving Goals
  • Making Changes
  • Financial Success

If you are in a career that is not right for you, or struggling to find the right career fit, and would like some help planning the next stages of your life, contact me today for more information.

If you are considering working with a Coach or Therapist, please feel free to contact me.

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