Marriage Preparation Counselling

We live in a world obsessed with romance, social media and technology and the latest gadgets. Most of us think that our relationships should just be a part of what we know and are naturally good at. The truth is we are not. While romantic notions set up the marriage, it is these very notions that can destroy the relationship also, and which is why 41% of marriages fizzle after the first few years.

There is nothing more challenging – and rewarding – than marriage, and if you’re wise, you will prepare for it wisely too. Setting the foundation for a happy marriage by preparing for it can truly make the difference between a lifetime of wedded bliss, or broken dreams. Talking about sensitive issues such as religion, culture, money, previous relationships, family members, child rearing, and so on, before you are married can be very helpful in understanding each other’s values, opinions and beliefs on these topics, and lead to less struggles later on in the marriage.

The Newlywed Program is to help prepare you for your new life together:

  • Talk about problems before they become issues
  • Strengthen your bond
  • Become experts at meeting each other’s needs
  • Manage conflict with ease
  • Plan and visualize your future together, and make sure you’re on the same page
  • Taking the next step: living together
  • Avoid the common mistakes that most often lead to unhappiness and divorce, such as anger, jealousy and money problems

The series includes seven 1.5hour sessions with me, handouts of materials, exercises, and email access to me between sessions. It will be the best wedding gift you will ever invest in.

Here is the program we will follow:

Week 1: Intimacy – sticking together
Build safety and trust, protect your bond, deepen your connection

Week 2: Vision
The magical power of visioning, how to create your vision

Communication: Loving Understanding
Express yourself effectively and listen with empathy

Week 4: Expectations
Understanding each other’s expectations, and what to do when your expectations differ

Week 5: Conflict resolution – Love restoration
Creating safetyrules of engagement, tuning in to your vibrational energy, what to do when intense emotions appear

Week 6: Commitment
Explore what commitment means to you, elements of healthy commitment in relationships

Week 7: Sexualitykeeping – the Sizzle!
Differences in masculine and feminine energy, meeting each other’s needs.

If you have questions or to schedule a session, please contact me.

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Free Initial Consultation: I would love to talk with you, get a sense of what you want to achieve through our work together, give you an experience of how it works, and answer any questions you might have. Then you can decide if this approach is right for you. Free Initial 20 minute phone consultation.